What we do : At-A-Glance

2013 Student Body: 428

2013 senior students on track to graduate at 3-month internships: 80 (1/2 rural community development; 1/2 Sustainable Tourism)

2013 38% girls a huge accomplishment compared to 0 girls when the middle school first opened in 1997 and only 35 when the high school opened in 2001

48 out of 50 graduates from 2012 found gainful employment within 2 months

1 in every 7 girls in the developing world will be married by age 15. (Population Council)

An extra year of primary school education, boosts a girls future wages by 10-20%. An additional year of secondary school adds and extra 15-25% (World Bank)

Between 2011-2012 91,168 babies were born to girls and teens in Guatemala. Of these almost 6000 were born to girls ages 10-14 (Plan International)

Girls in a developing country who go to school for 7 years marry 4 years later and have 2.2 children less than their counterparts. (Center for Global Development)

40% of Guatemalan population is indigenous (Guatemalan National Institute of Statistics)

53% of Guatemalans population lives in poverty ( $1.50- $3.00 a day). 13% live in extreme poverty ($1.50 a day). (Guatemalan National Institue of Statistics) Average income for population served by Ak'Tenamit is $500 per year.

87.5% of rural women in Guatemala are illiterate. (Defensoria de la Mujer Indigena)

Ak'Tenamit has 3 restaurants and 1 handicraft store for vocational training.

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