What we do : Educate the Girls

Ak' Tenamit Educates Girls!

Why is it important to educate the girls?

  • delays child marriage
  • raises the age they have their first child
  • prevents health issues like HIV and AIDS
  • economic empowerment which in turn benefits the household income
  • an educated girl will make sure her own children get an education
  • She will be better informed on how to raise her own children in a healthier environment
  • without and education girls have a high chance of being engaged in child labor

87.5% of indigenous women in Guatemala don't read or write (source: Plan internacional)

Between 2011-2012, 91,168 pre-teen and teenage girls gave birth in Guatemala.

Of these, almost 6,000 babies were born to girls between the ages of 10-14! (source: Plan Internacional)

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